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The Census Bureau has proposed a major revision to the data that it will release from the 2020 decennial census. I think that the proposal would harm demographic research and affect policies. The Bureau is accepting feedback through October 22 (details at the link above). I would encourage you to look through the proposal and provide feedback on the proposal. I have copied my response below for those who may be interested.

A huge shout-out to the NHGIS team who notified users of these important changes and who have been tireless advocates for ensuring continued access to useful data.

After much hard work on the part of very talented people, the website for the Chicago Community Adult Health Study launched this week! For those who do not know about the project, it is an excellent dataset to examine influences of neighborhood environments on health outcomes among adults. The sample comes from all 343 Neighborhood Clusters in the city of Chicago, which allows a wide range of analyses across neighborhood environments. In addition to the survey of informants, there is also very rich data on the physical aspects of the neighborhood environment based on systematic social observations in all of the 343 Neighborhood Clusters.

Estimated Levels of Physical Disorder

I took advantage of this in ...