• Neighborhood Racial Change in America during the Late 20th and Early 21st Centuries
    • Hopkins Population Center Seminar (Dec 2022)*
  • Integration by Inertia: White Flight, White Deaths, and the Long-Term Prospects for Stable Racial Integration
    • Cornell University Policy Analysis and Management Seminar Series (Mar 2021)*,
    • Johns Hopkins University Department of Sociology (Jan 2021)*,
    • Maryland Population Research Center Seminar Series (Feb 2020)*
  • Findings from the 2018 DC Area Survey
    • Presentation to Alexandria City Racial Equity Working Group (Sep 2019)*,
    • Presentation to Montgomery County Planning Commission Staff (Aug 2019)*
  • Latino Small Businesses: Community Anchors in Greater Washington
    • Greater Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Business Expo (Mar 2019)*
  • Findings of the 2016 D.C. Area Survey
    • Council of Governments Planning Directors Meeting (Nov 2018)*,
    • Annual Dinner of the D.C. Sociological Society (May 2017)*
  • The Path from Segregation to Inclusion
    • Alliance for Housing Solutions 2018 Leckey Forum (Jun 2018)*
  • Fragmented Evolution of Racial Integration after the Civil Rights Movement.
    • Emeriti and Alumni Luncheon, American University (Apr 2018)*,
    • NCRC Annual Conference (Apr 2018)*,
    • Office of Policy Development and Research, Department of Housing and Urban Development (Oct 2016)*,
    • Innovations in the Measurement of Racial Segregation Conference (Sep 2016)*,
    • Celebration of College Research, College of Arts and Sciences, American University (Mar 2015)*,
    • Minnesota Population Center Seminar Series (Oct 2014)*,
    • Penn State Population Research Institute Brown Bag (Mar 2013)*
  • A Google Street View on the World: Potentials and Pitfalls of Harnessing ‘Big’ Geographic Data for Neighborhood Research
    • Urban Health Symposium, Dornsife School of Public Health (Sep 2017)*,
    • Innovations in the Measurement of Racial Segregation Conference (Sep 2016)*,
    • Interdisciplinary Association of Population Health Science, National Academy of Science (Sep 2015)*,
    • Association of Public Data Users (Sep 2015)*,
    • Brown Bag Series, National Center for Smart Growth, University of Maryland (Apr 2015)*,
    • Rice University Department of Sociology and Kinder Institute Urban Health Program (Sep 2013)*,
    • Penn State Changing American Neighborhoods and Communities Working Group (Mar 2013)*
  • Negative Space of Neighborhood Stigma
    • Rice University (Jan 2017)*,
    • Population Studies Center, University of Pennsylvania (Oct 2015)*,
    • Urban Speakers Series, Metropolitan Policy Center, American University (Sep 2014)*,
    • Yale Center for Research on Inequalities and the Life Course Workshop (Mar 2013)*
  • Aging in America’s Changing Places
    • Network on Life Course Dynamics and Disparities Annual Meeting (Apr 2016)*
  • Aging in Disorderly Neighborhoods
    • Social Observatories Coordinating Network New Data Linkages Conference (Mar 2016)*
  • The Negative Space of Stigma: Race, Place, and Health Inequality
    • Keynote Address to Connecticut Multicultural Health Partnership (Jun 2013)*
  • Choosing Homes, Structuring Space
    • Russell Sage Foundation Choosing Homes, Choosing Schools Conference (Feb 2013)*

* indicates invited talk

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