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Curriculum Vitae

The Negative Space of Stigma: Race, Place, and Health Inequality (2013)

Michael D. M. Bader Presented at the Keynote Address to Connecticut Multicultural Health Partnership, Middletown, Connecticut.


Persistent racial and ethnic health disparities present many problems for equality in the United States. We often conceive of the ways that direct actions create these disparities. Racial and ethnic disparities, however, come about because of routine behaviors that create racial inequality that are often unseen. These behaviors are analogous to the negative space in artistic works that frame the artistic work that we do see. We need to address the routine behaviors that create the negative space of behaviors that create the unseen disparities in the negative space of society. To do this, we need to think not only about the actions that people take to create health inequality, but also about the actions that people could take but don't that could overcome those health disparities.