The American Prospect has a very interesting article this week by Courtney Martin entitled "Architecture's Diversity Problem" that describes a new building constructed by architect Jeanne Gang in Chicago. The building is constructed to look like undulating waves that echo the waves in Lake Michigan just to the east but reach skyward for 80 stories. Architecturally, the building is very interesting and, though I have to admit I wasn't too keen when I saw the The Prospect's photo photo, is very impressive when seen from a distance for how successfully it creates this illusion from both the form and the materials used. What is more amazing than the quality of Gang's architecture, as Smith points out, is the fact that such a large building was designed by a woman.

The article, highlighting the lack of diversity, recalled my own journey to sociology so it particularly close to home.

Jeanne Gang's new building, Aqua, in Chicago -- photo taken by wjcordier and obtained on Flickr